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Brisbane is well placed to take over as the best-performing capital city housing market over the next five years. Working as a Buyers’ Agent servicing the Brisbane market, there are clear market indicators showing Brisbane to still be pipped as an investing hot spot with quite a bit of potential.

Did you know that many properties that are sold never hit the public market?

Aus Property Professionals are familiar with the Brisbane market and know the local agents. This means we often get access to properties that you would never have known about, including first look at new listings and private sales.

As your personal Buyers’ Agents, we do not only provide services to assist you purchase an investment property, but we also educate and mentor you through the process of growing an investment portfolio which is tailored to your specific lifestyle goals.

This level of service is invaluable to anyone wanting to create an investment portfolio over the long-term as we look at your portfolio as a whole and look for properties that will compliment your portfolio. This will assist with your serviceability when you look to purchase your next property.

Our clients often just do not know where to start when it comes to purchasing an investment property.

Why use a Buyers’ Agent to purchase property in Brisbane?

Employing a Buyers’ Agent in Brisbane can mitigate the risk of purchasing the wrong investment property or paying too much for a property. We are highly experienced in the Brisbane market and emotionally independent from the purchase. Our judgement is not biased and we base our recommendations on market research, feasibility analysis, economic growth drivers, future development and planning, and historical trends.

We save you time AND money as you will gain access to our research, and our invaluable market knowledge.

We assist you in all aspects of the buying process from the investment strategy, property search, market research, feasibility analysis, negotiation/bidding, through to the settlement process which saves you time and ensures a stress free and seamless purchase.

We work on your behalf to ensure your property is purchased in the right place and for the right price.

Our flat fees cover: 

  • Setting an initial strategy session
  • All meetings and communications with you, your broker, your accountant, and your solicitor.
  • Access to our network of finance brokers, property managers, property insurance, solicitors.
  • Property search, research, feasibility analysis, liaising with Real Estate Agents.
  • Evaluating properties to ensure they suit your criteria.
  • Preparation of property reports to help you evaluate the properties we recommend to you.
  • Due Diligence – including strata, arranging the building and pest inspections, etc.
  • Checking final contracts.

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Why is Brisbane an ideal place to invest?

Population growth from both overseas and interstate is ramping up in Queensland. I have seen the majority of this growth focused in the south-east corner and a lot of our development projects are achieving great results here.

Overseas migration into Brisbane is the highest its’ been in the past three years as well as the interstate relocations into Queensland from other states is currently the highest it has been in over 8 years.

That being said, although Brisbane is a great place to invest, being successful in the market is not just a matter of pot luck, the inexperienced should be particularly cautious in this property market as it is strongly driven by the unique demographics and climate of the area.

How to buy in Brisbane

Brisbane has recently seen a lot of apartment and high-rise developments to assist with the future planned population growth in the area. However, the sudden influx of apartment properties has affected the equity and yield of investment apartments in the short term. To avoid this, look for properties that are unique and different, and avoid apartments close to the CBD.

It is common for inexperienced Sydney-siders to go and invest in any apartment close to Brisbane CBD as compared to their home market, the property appears to be a bargain that is very close to the city. However, they are not finding the growth, yield and equity they would have hoped after holding the property for some time. This is the reason it is important to be equipped with lots of knowledge about the area and seek the advice of an experienced Buyers’ Agent.

When buying an investment property in Brisbane, it is important to understand the local market. We look to buy in areas with good school catchment zones as these properties will always be in demand. Buying close to reputable private and catholic schools will add value as well as close to bus stops and shopping centres. We always avoid flight paths, highways and main thoroughfare areas.

Before recommending a property for investment, we perform due diligence such as checking the local council websites for future developments, speak to council town planners, and look at recent government planning announcements. There is no cost to being well informed but buying ill-informed can cost you thousands.

Choosing the right investment property comes down to knowing what you need, knowing what you can afford, and knowing all the market factors in play when you’re ready to buy.

Many buyers feel disadvantaged as the favour is stacked towards vendors. By employing a Buyers’ Agent, you are able to “level the playing field” by having someone advocating for you. By hiring an experienced buyers’ agent, you are able to mitigate this risk as you will have someone who is independent, experienced, and can perform all the leg-work.

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