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    Aus Property Professionals

    The team here at Aus Property Professionals can help you achieve your long term goals through strategic property investing and can help you find your dream home.

    Work Less, Live More

    Get into Positive Gear

    Here at Aus Property Professionals we will show you how to find solid investment properties in markets primed for growth, value property accurately and how we negotiate to win the sale for you. We will also show you how you can create value in any property in any market.

    Know Your Why

    We want you to set some big-picture lifestyle goals. The process starts with goal setting. This is a vital first step to creating your property investment strategy. We will help you determine your long-term lifestyle goals, then look at how you can achieve these goals using property as the vehicle.

    Accelerate Equity Growth

    We will show you how you can make equity at the point of purchase in almost any property deal and help you to buy the right property at the right price. Leave us to do the negotiations so you can better spend your time on enjoying life.

    Founder & Managing Director

    Lloyd Edge

    Lloyd Edge is a passionate property investor who has achieved financial independence through property. He is the author of Positively Geared, a book in which he wrote about his journey from teacher to building up a large property portfolio and achieving financial independence while still on a teachers' salary. Positively Geared is published by well known international publisher John Wiley and Sons and Lloyd aims to inspire people to achieve their dreams. He explains step by step, how to set an effective investment strategy and that Australia is still the lucky country and that Australian's can still get onto the property ladder with a minimal deposit and achieve their goals. Lloyd has been nominated several times as a finalist in the REINSW awards for excellence and the Real Estate Business (REB) awards. In 2018 he received 'Your Investment Property' Top Buyers' Agent award. Aus Property professionals has also been a finalist in the REINSW awards for best buyers' agency on a number of occasions.

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    Buyer’s Agent Sydney

    An experienced buyer’s agent is indispensable for clients who want to find the right properties for the right price. Without a buyer’s agent, Sydney, Brisbane, and Newcastle real estate investors are at the mercy of seller’s agents, who will only show properties they list, as opposed to properties that meet the needs of you, the savvy buyer. Lloyd Edge and his team are savvy buyer’s agents with a passion to help you succeed in real estate investment and achieve your lifestyle goals.

    Lloyd Edge

    Featured on 'Property Market Investor'

    Let's join Lloyd and find out more about his inspirational investing story and his journey on how he has built up a 16-property portfolio worth over $12M since his humble beginnings as a music teacher in Sydney. Lloyd's story is really one of, "if he can do it, then so can I".

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    What our clients are saying about us

    We'd like to thank Lloyd and all the team at Aus Property Professionals. Their professional and tailored advice and continued support throughout the entire build process was exceptional. They provided advice, guidance and took care of the entire process which gave us peace of mind especially as first time investors. We strongly recommend Lloyd and his team.

    Aaron JamesDuplex Project

    Great THANK YOU!!!! Lloyd and team were amazing with the property advice. Special thanks to Raj for all your help and patience.

    Dries ClaassenInvestment Purchase

    Tome did a superb job. At every point he was responsive and reassuring. As a first time home buyer I felt confident in his abilities, especially as we secured our home. He was effective in the final negotiation and stayed well within our budget leaving us in a good place. When everything was finalised he still made himself available, just in case.

    Ian ZuckerFamily Home

    I dealt mostly with Lloyd. He was able to negotiate a significant discount and helped to make the process run smoothly. He responded promptly to the many questions I had. Tome was also professional to deal with. This was my first experience buying through a buyer's agent, and based on this, I would highly recommend Aus Property Professionals.

    Alexis JanesInvestment Purchase

    Strategy. Expertise. Integrity
    Personalised planning with defined, clear strategies to realise your goals and wealth potential. Knowledge is shared generously to maximise results and inspire sustained wealth creation beyond expectations. You are your only limit. Integrity shines through the professionalism and mentoring services provided by the Aus Property Professionals team. Impressive beyond words. I encourage you to experience the unique opportunities and service provided by Aus Property Professionals sooner rather than later because “I’ll wait til tomorrow” said no millionaire ever. The above summarises my personal experience and gratitude to the Aus Property Professionals team.

    A. HunterDuplex Project

    Above and Beyond. My recent experience with Tome and Lloyd from Aus Property Professionals has been nothing but a pleasure. Tome assisted in finding a property with a strict criteria and although the process was made even more difficult as we live interstate, with perseverance and consistent effort in a difficult market, found the exact property we had endeavoured to secure.
    Tomes efforts and willingness toward the property search was second to none. Tome went above and beyond of what was expected and made the experience as stress free as it could possibly be for us living interstate. Lloyd also made himself available when ever was required.
    Post purchase, Tome and Lloyd still make contact and offer assistance where ever possible. I couldn’t speak more highly of the team at Aus Property Professionals and I look forward to working along side each other again in the near future. Thanks to the whole team at Aus Property!

    Sam GarrettInvestment Purchase

    Lloyd and Tome were easy to work with and gave us a different perspective on how to invest in property. They negotiated the deal with land and building vendors then project managed the entire construction of our duplex. If you after a safe haven investment with a decent cashflow, I'll recommend you speak to APP.

    Andrew PereiraDuplex Project

    We appointed Lloyd as our buyer's agent for two purchases - a townhouse in Brisbane and a duplex project. In both cases, we were very satisfied with his service - he always provided timely responses and professional advice. For the duplex project in particular, he took a very proactive role in driving progresses, providing project updates and was always there when things needed attention. I recommend his service to potential investors.

    Max YanDuplex Project + Investment Purchase

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is A Buyer’s Agent?

    Buyers’ agents are licensed professionals who can assist a buyer in purchasing a home or an investment property. They will guide and advise you from the initial planning stage, through search, property appraisals, due diligence, background checks, negotiation, auction attendance, exchange of contracts, through to settlement.

    Buyers’ agents also act as the middleman, liaising between your solicitor’s, accountants, financial advisors, and mortgage broker so you don’t have to. They will also be able to interpret these specialists’ “lingo” and explain everything to you in simple terms.

    What does a Buyer’s Agent do?

    • Tailored strategy session including evaluating where you are in your current portfolio and how they can help you achieve your lifestyle goals
    • Property search, research, and evaluation according to your criteria
    • Source properties with the best capital growth prospects
    • Feasibility study once you find the right property
    • Attend public and private inspections
    • Negotiate the right price
    • Liaison with solicitor/conveyancer, accountant, mortgage broker, real estate agents, property valuer, building and pest inspections
    • Liaise with Council and town planners
    • Can sometimes assist in finding the right property manager
    • Most importantly, a good buyers ‘ agent will educate you to make informed decisions about the value of a property

    Why Use A Buyer's Agent?

    1. Buyers’ agents have vast industry knowledge as well as insider contacts which means they can get a first look at a property before it is advertised and even access to properties off-market.
    2. They will save you a lot of time. They will complete all the groundwork and only present you a shortlist of properties that meet your criteria. You will get your weekends back, and they can assist in arranging private inspections at times that are suitable for you.
    3. They perform due diligence & research and can assist you to arrange a building and pest inspection to ensure all the necessary checks are completed.
    4. A good buyer’s agent is also an experienced investor and is on top of any market changes. They will prevent you from falling for novice investors traps.
    5. They can negotiate the lowest price on a property due to their experienced negotiation and auction bidding skills. They are independent and unemotional so will prevent you from falling for typical real estate sales tactics.
    6. They will be your support and explain the whole process along the way.
    7. They act as the main “go to” person between your solicitor, accountant, mortgage broker and financial advisor.

    How Much Does A Buyer’s Agent Cost?

    Buyers’ Agent fees will depend on the demand and experience of the Buyer’s Agent. Not all Buyers’ Agents are equal. The most experienced and established agents which have proven results will be in more demand, so will often charge more for their services than the newcomers to the industry. This does not at all indicate that the more expensive fees will get better results, you are paying for an established name and reputation in the industry. It is best to ensure you work with a Buyer’s Agent you trust, has a track record, and understands your long term property strategy

    How Can A Buyers’ Agent Help Purchase A Home?

    Your Buyers’ agent will guide you through the planning to ensure you are clear on what you can afford for your budget. They will also provide suggestions on what you need to be flexible on, as well as provide advice on your location.

    They will save you time by shortlisting properties that fulfil your criteria so you don’t have to spend each weekend trawling through open homes. They can also assist arranging private inspections in times that suit you and your family.

    If you’re nervous about purchasing your first property, a Buyers’ agent will be by your side guiding you to ensure you don’t pay too much for a property, or get caught up in emotions at the auction. They are independent and unemotional about the purchase, so will provide their honest feedback as well as prevent you from paying too much for a property.

    How Can A Buyers’ Agent Help Purchase An Investment Property?

    Your Buyers’ agent can assist you in purchasing an investment property from initially setting a strategy to achieve your goal. They will be able to guide you on the best suburbs to purchase based on your budget and strategy, and ensure you avoid the typical mistakes novice investors might make.

    Often investment properties are purchased in locations not close to where you live, and a Buyers’ agent will be able to guide you on the best locations to achieve your strategy due to their vast knowledge of the markets, because they are working in the markets every day.

    Your Buyers’ agent will be able to explain all the requirements for an “investment grade” property and assist you to understand yields, returns, capital growth, and cash flow.

    Are Buyers’ Agents Qualified?

    Yes, a Buyers’ agent is required to be licensed in the state they are operating in (different licenses per state due to legislation differences).

    A Buyers’ agent should also be a member of a professional body such as the Real Estate Institute of NSW (or QLD, VIC, WA etc), Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA), or Real Estate Buyers Agents Association (REBAA).

    You can check a Buyers’ Agents license registration on the Fair Trading website.

    Who Pays The Buyer's’ Agent?

    The buyer pays the buyers’ agent their fixed fee or commission, as they are acting on behalf of the buyer. 

    Every buyers’ agent has their own payment schedule and structure, which they will go through with you prior to signing the buyers’ agency agreement. 

    Regardless whether it is a fixed fee or commission based, they’ll most likely charge you a certain amount upfront as an ‘engagement fee’ so that they can commence the property search and be remunerated for their time, with the bulk of the payment due when the contract goes unconditional.

    Are Buyers’ Agent Fees Tax Deductible?

    Purchasing A Home

    Buyer’s Agent fees will not be tax deductible if the agent has helped you buy a property to live in. This Is because the property you are living in will not be generating you any income (i.e. there is no rental income). The tax office views that only expenses incurred relating to you earning any assessable income can be deducted.

    Therefore, you will not be able to claim as a tax deduction the expenses incurred relating to the agent finding the property and negotiating the contract.

    Purchasing An Investment Property

    If you employed a Buyer’s Agent to assist you with purchasing an investment property, although not immediately tax deductible against income tax, their fees may form part of the cost base for capital gains purposes in future. This means the fees charged by your Buyer’s Agent will reduce any capital gains tax you will have to pay when it comes to selling your property.  The cost base is made up of the purchase price of the property along with many of the costs associated with the purchase, holding and sale of the investment property, e.g. stamp duty, borrowing expenses (loan application fees), legal expenses, auctioneer’s fees, capital improvement outlays and buyer’s agent’s fees.

    Whilst an offset against future CGT may not be as financially beneficial as an immediate income tax deduction, it will offer some tax benefit in the future when you sell your property, which you may need to account for in your investing strategy.

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