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Aus Property Professionals is one of Australia's leading buyer's agencies and company director Lloyd Edge has developed his own property portfolio which is now worth over $12M, using a variety of strategies. As a result, we have been featured in the media across a number of platforms.

Featured Article at ‘Your Investment Property’

How To Start Investing On A Nine-To-Five Salary

If you are a typical employee who is reliant on a salary to make ends meet, how do you start investing in property? Your current nine-to-five salary could allow you to pursue an optimal investment path.

Featured Interview on ‘2GB – The Chris Smith Show’

It's never too late to become an investor

Finances are at the top of all of our minds right now! The coronavirus pandemic has sent a shockwave through the economy, something that hasn't been experienced for generations. With interest rates at the lowest level ever, it is the perfect opportunity to consider geting a leg up in the property market.

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Eviction moratorium: expert guide for tenants, landlords and agents

Since Scott Morrison declared an eviction moratorium it has been a very confusing time for tenants, landlords and agents. Now the dust has settled on the decision, this is what you need to know.

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Never get emotional’: How to win an online property auction

Acting promptly to secure a first-mover advantage, and making sure you have a clear picture of the market and what value represents, are essential to win online residential property auctions, according to experts. Online auctions are now the norm after face-to-face real estate auctions were banned on March 25 due to social distancing rules to combat COVID-19.

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How landlords can protect themselves during Covid-19

Landlords around the country were shocked when the federal government announced they could not evict tenants who had lost their job or income thanks to COVID-19 for not paying their rent. Tenants can’t just stop paying their rent without a good reason. They need to be able to prove they are suffering hardship.

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Opportunity is being missed during COVID-19 crisis

A Sydneysider who bought his first property working as a freelance teacher and now has a $12 million real estate empire claims everyday Aussies are missing a big opportunity.

Featured Interview on ‘Real Estate Talk’

From classroom to strategy teacher

Lloyd started his investment journey on a teacher’s income and today owns a property portfolio worth over $12 million and now helps his clients achieve their own lifestyle goals through strategic property investing. Lloyd joins Kevin Turner from Real Estate Talk to share his diverse range of investment strategies.

Featured Article at ‘Home Beautiful’

Corona virus property predictions: Who wins?

Whether you’re a first home buyer, savvy investor or planning to upsize, downsize or invest, the COVID-19 coronavirus will have cast a grey cloud of uncertainty over those beautifully curated plans right now. So what should you do?

Featured Article at ‘Australian Property Investor’

Know Your Why: Investment Goal Setting

Everyone gets into property for a different reason but for many, particularly investors, it’s to build wealth to set themselves up financially so they can live a lifestyle of their own choosing which is not limited by working in a full-time job.

Featured Interview on ‘Property Market Investor’

Real investors success stories of everyday Australians

Learn from one of the leading property investment expert Lloyd Edge, who has built up a 16-property portfolio since his humble beginnings as a music teacher in Sydney. Lloyd's story is really one of 'if he can do it, then so can I'.

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