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Aus Property Professionals is one of Australia's leading buyer's agencies and company director Lloyd Edge has developed his own property portfolio which is now worth over $12M, using a variety of strategies. As a result, we have been featured in the media across a number of platforms.

Featured Podcast On ‘Under The Hammer’

Building Your Dream Team with Lloyd Edge

Join Stavros Ambatzidis (Company Director with O'Brien Real Estate) and Jane Nield for a fortnightly chat about real estate, the changing demands on real estate professionals and the challenges facing the industry. Our guest today is Lloyd Edge, Director of Aus Property Professionals. Lloyd is a Buyers Advocate, Property Strategist, author and podcaster.

Featured Interview On  ‘The Money – ABC National Radio’

How Much Of A Difference Will The Budget Make To Housing?

Analysis of Federal Budget housing measures for single parents, first home buyers and older people thinking of selling the family home.

Tune in at 11:15min to listen to Lloyd's thoughts on this hot topic.

Featured Article At ‘Australian Property Investor’

The Most Common Mistakes New Property Investors Are Making

Property can almost be considered the ultimate risk-reward investment - for every success story and pathway to financial freedom, there is also a tale of catastrophic and costly failure. Lloyd shares some of the most common mistakes made by first-time investors.

Featured Interview On  ‘bay 93.9 – Property Guide’

Unconventional Ways to Buy in a Seller’s Market

With February 2021 proving to be one of the hottest months for buying property since 2020 with housing values rising in February 2021, Bay FM asks the tough questions to Lloyd Edge on how you can buy savvy in a seller’s market.

Get a professional property buyer’s perspective on tactics to snatch up properties and get your foot on the property ladder.

Featured Interview on ‘A Current Affair’

Looking Ahead To 2021 Property Markets

We can all agree 2020 is a year we are happy to leave behind due to Covid, as we all look forward to a much brighter 2021.

Watch this latest A Current Affair episode to get some insight on what to expect from the property markets in 2021.

Featured Interview On  ‘’Pizza & Property Podcast’

Turning a very modest teacher's salary into a $12M positively geared property empire

Talking to a man that has turned a very modest teacher's salary into a $12,000,000 positively geared property empire is not something most of us get the chance to do every day.

Lloyd has not only shared his amazing story of 50c ice-cream dinners to millions in equity, he walks us through the strategies of how he got there as well.

Featured Interview on ‘Radio 2RDJ-FM’

Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

Lloyd Edge went from a heavily-mortgaged one-bedroom apartment to a multi-million dollar property portfolio in just 10 years, and all on a teacher's wage. Lloyd shares some simple tips on how to knock a few years off your mortgage payments.

Featured Interview On  ‘’2GB – The Chris Smith Show’

The best regional property deals

There are plenty of opportunities in regional areas for anyone looking to buy an affordable entry level property. Property professional and buyer's agent Lloyd Edge shares his 'hot spots' with listeners today on The Chris Smith Show, explaining why these areas are affordable and ripe for future growth. Don't miss this insightful and educational interview!

Featured Interview on ‘Ritter on Real Estate’

Securing Your Financial Freedom with Lloyd Edge

“If you’re going to get advice or seek out a mentor, find people who have actually done what you're trying to do. If you’re the smartest person in the room, then you’re in the wrong room.”

Everyone has their own idea of what financial freedom looks like. To Lloyd Edge, an investor boasting a multi-million dollar property portfolio, financial freedom means having the security to live your desired lifestyle, live in your dream house, and follow your passions. A sound investment strategy, Lloyd provides details on the ‘property trifecta,’ his way of manufacturing equity, and ensuring that his investments aren’t shackled to market forces.

Featured Interview On  ‘’Channel 9 News’

How to pay an extra month off your mortgage without noticing

Lloyd speaks with Louise Momber from 9 News to share his tips on how to pay down your mortgage debt quicker without even realising it, and how an investment property can actually help you achieve that even faster.

Featured Interview on ‘Real Estate Rundown’

Achieve financial independence through strategic property investing

Lloyd Edge is a passionate property investor and licensed buyer's agent who has achieved financial independence through strategic property investing. He is the author of Positively Geared, a book in which he wrote about his journey from teacher to building up a multi-million dollar property portfolio and achieving financial independence while still on a teachers’ salary. He explains step by step how to set an effective investment strategy, how Australia is still the lucky country and that Australian’s can still get onto the property ladder with a minimal deposit and achieve their goals.

Featured Interview On  ‘bay 93.9 – Property Guide’

The Top 5 Most Googled Real Estate Questions

Dave Ferguson from The Bay Property Guide FM asks Lloyd to answer the Top 5 Most Googled Real Estate Questions! Lloyd also shares some tips on how you can get in to the property market yourself.

Featured Article At Canstar

Key considerations when buying distressed property

When it comes to property investing, experienced property investors are often looking for properties that provide more bang for their buck. But how can they do this? To put it simply, one way is to buy a property for less than it is worth on the market.

Featured Podcast At ‘Smart Property Investment’

From school teacher to building a $12M property portfolio - how did he do it?

The buyer’s agent and author of Positively Geared, Lloyd Edge joins host Phil Tarrant to discuss the catalyst for beginning his investment journey, the resources he used to shape his property education, and the key difference between regional and mining towns. Lloyd outlines how his investment strategy has evolved over the last 18 years, why he now avoids investing in areas with single economic drivers, and his top tips for developing a cash flow positive portfolio.

Featured Article At

‘$12 million music teacher’ reveals worst mistakes of failed property investors

Property investors who fail to attain the financial freedom they’re seeking through bricks and mortar purchases often make the same mistakes, a music teacher turned real estate mogul has revealed.

Featured Article At ‘Global Travel Media’

How To Create An Investment Strategy That Doesn’t Rely On Your 9-5.

The global pandemic has shown that any Australian can find themselves financially vulnerable, suddenly, despite their job title, sector they operate within or their status. So, how do we future proof ourselves, so we are not reliant on our 9-5 jobs?

Featured Article At ‘Your Investment Property’

Six Ways To Future-Proof Income With Property

Investing in property can be daunting endeavour, especially if you’re heavily reliant on a salary. But with the right mindset and strategy, property investments can pave the way to financially secure future.

Featured Article At ‘Smart Property Investment’

How to improve your serviceability.

Serviceability is arguably the most important factor when building your investment portfolio because it can limit your ability to achieve your financial freedom goals, writes Lloyd Edge.

Featured Interview On ‘The Naked Property Investor’

The Naked Property Investor: Kizzi meets Lloyd Edge, Director of Aus Property Professionals

This week I’m talking to Lloyd Edge, Director of Aus Property Professionals and author of the book, Positively Geared. Lloyd now owns a multi-million dollar property portfolio and he hopes his new book will help others to create a prosperous future. During our thought provoking conversation Lloyd shares his unique insights on property investment success.

Featured Article At ‘Daily Mail Australia’

Teacher with SIXTEEN homes reveals exactly what he looks for in an investment property - and the biggest mistake he sees people make.

A former music teacher who bought his first property at 29 and has since built a $12million portfolio with 16 houses has shared exactly what he looks for when buying - and the biggest mistake people make with their investments.

Featured Article at ‘Your Investment Property’

How To Start Investing On A Nine-To-Five Salary

If you are a typical employee who is reliant on a salary to make ends meet, how do you start investing in property? Your current nine-to-five salary could allow you to pursue an optimal investment path.

Featured Interview on ‘2GB – The Chris Smith Show’

It's never too late to become an investor

Finances are at the top of all of our minds right now! The coronavirus pandemic has sent a shockwave through the economy, something that hasn't been experienced for generations. With interest rates at the lowest level ever, it is the perfect opportunity to consider geting a leg up in the property market.

Featured Article at ‘’

How landlords can protect themselves during Covid-19

Landlords around the country were shocked when the federal government announced they could not evict tenants who had lost their job or income thanks to COVID-19 for not paying their rent. Tenants can’t just stop paying their rent without a good reason. They need to be able to prove they are suffering hardship.

Featured Article at ‘’

Opportunity is being missed during COVID-19 crisis

A Sydneysider who bought his first property working as a freelance teacher and now has a $12 million real estate empire claims everyday Aussies are missing a big opportunity.

Featured Interview on ‘Real Estate Talk’

From classroom to strategy teacher

Lloyd started his investment journey on a teacher’s income and today owns a property portfolio worth over $12 million and now helps his clients achieve their own lifestyle goals through strategic property investing. Lloyd joins Kevin Turner from Real Estate Talk to share his diverse range of investment strategies.

Featured Article at ‘Home Beautiful’

Corona virus property predictions: Who wins?

Whether you’re a first home buyer, savvy investor or planning to upsize, downsize or invest, the COVID-19 coronavirus will have cast a grey cloud of uncertainty over those beautifully curated plans right now. So what should you do?

Featured Article at ‘Australian Property Investor’

Know Your Why: Investment Goal Setting

Everyone gets into property for a different reason but for many, particularly investors, it’s to build wealth to set themselves up financially so they can live a lifestyle of their own choosing which is not limited by working in a full-time job.

Featured Interview on ‘Property Market Investor’

Real investors success stories of everyday Australians

Learn from one of the leading property investment expert Lloyd Edge, who has built up a 16-property portfolio since his humble beginnings as a music teacher in Sydney. Lloyd's story is really one of 'if he can do it, then so can I'.

If you are looking for a buyer’s agent to assist you with purchasing a home or investment property in the SydneyBrisbane, and Newcastle regions, please get in touch with Aus Property Professionals here or give us a call on 1800 146 837! We are Australia’s leading equity growth strategists.