Investment Property Buyers Agent Perth

Aus Property Professionals are seasoned Australian buyers agents, boasting two decades of experience in helping property investors build high-value real estate portfolios across Perth and WA. Simplify your search for the perfect property and invest with confidence by working a team of professional buyers advocates and agents.

Aus Property Professionals Source Properties in Perth

Aus Property Professionals offers professional end-to-end services for hassle-free investment property purchases in Perth. We’ll conduct the property search, evaluation, and negotiation process, saving you both time and money.

Our services also extend to providing you with expert advice on how to build and manage your real estate investment portfolio for successful returns. We’ll be your guide on your wealth-building journey, giving you in-depth insights into Perth’s real estate market and ensuring that you get the best deal on your next investment property. 

Partner with our multi-award-winning team today to find your next profitable Perth property investment.

Do I Need A Buyer's Agent For Perth Property Investment?

When it comes to property investments in Perth’s competitive market, there will be a couple of factors that affect how profitable your purchase will be, from how wide you cast your search, to your ability to negotiate for the best price. These factors can be challenging even for seasoned investors to handle alone, much less those who are new to property investments in WA.

If you’re looking to streamline your next investment purchase process while reaping the rewards of a profitable addition to your investment portfolio, working with a Perth buyers agent is your best option. Engaging a buyers agent such as Aus Property Professionals, will speed up your search, and get you closer to securing the ideal investment. This not only saves precious time and money but also takes the burden of stress off your shoulders.

What To Expect With Aus Property Professionals

When you choose us as your buyers agent, we’ll do the legwork for the tedious processes of searching and negotiating potential investment properties in Perth that meet your preferences, leaving only the essential decisions to you. Our services will provide you:

  • Personalised investment strategy based on your current portfolio, financial situation, and investment goals.
  • Thorough search for valuable Perth properties meeting your specific criteria and growth potential.
  • Detailed evaluation of selected properties through professional inspections and feasibility studies. 
  • Expert negotiation on your behalf to ensure the best property price for your investment. 
  • Collaboration with vital stakeholders—solicitors, conveyancers, accountants, real estate agents, building inspectors, and mortgage brokers—for a seamless buying process. 
  • Impartial expert advice and comprehensive guidance throughout the entire process, offering clarity and assurance.

City of Perth Statistics

  • Population: 2,098,239 (2021 Census Data)
  • Families: 565,513 (2021 Census Data)
  • Number of Dwellings: 876,011 (2021 Census Data)
  • Average Weekly Household Income: $1,864 (2021 Census Data)
  • Median Monthly Mortgage: $1,907 (2021 Census Data)
  • Median Weekly Rent: $350 (2021 Census Data)


Is Perth Worth Investing In 2023?

We’re inclined to agree with the data — Perth’s real estate market has consistently seen low purchase prices with high returns over time and is showing clear potential for further growth. If you’ve been considering investing in Perth, there is no better time than now. 

Perth currently has a nice balance of urbanised and rural areas, offering suitable options for those looking for a city investment or new development areas. 

With over 15 years in the field, Lloyd and the Aus Property Professionals team have expert knowledge and experience in securing high-value property investments in Perth, wider Western Australia, and major Australian cities. Whatever your investment goals are, we’re confident that our team can help you achieve them — reach out to us today to find out how we can help you build your wealth!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team has access to the wider Perth property market, including off-market properties that have not yet been marked for sale. We can include such exclusive property listings in the search, should they match your investment preferences. This is one of the many benefits that you can expect to enjoy when engaging our Perth buyers agent services.

The cost of our services is tailored to each of our client’s specific investment needs, meaning that we would first have to understand your investment preferences and situation before being able to provide an accurate cost estimate. 

We do, however, use a fixed fee structure as a sign of our commitment to delivering satisfactory results. Regardless of how much time or effort we spend assisting you, we will not charge you a different rate.

To kick off our partnership, we will have a conversation with you to understand your preferences, budget, and expectations for your next investment property purchase. Once that is done, we can then conduct a thorough search of the market based on your criteria. We will communicate clearly to you our findings and use your feedback to refine the search process until you find a property that suits your investment preferences.