Leading Buyers Agents & Advocates Melbourne

Aus Property Professionals are one of Melbourne’s most highly sought-after buyers advocates and agents. Backed by two-decades of experience and lead by Lloyd Edge, author of best-selling property investment books Positively Geared and Buy Now, our team of Melbourne buyers advocates and agents make finding the right property simple.

Melbourne’s Trusted Buyers Advocates

Melbourne is home to one of the most hotly contested property markets in the southern hemisphere. Underscored by a rapidly growing population and local property market that has been experiencing double-digit growth for three consecutive years, it’s never been a better time to buy in Melbourne.

Whether you’re a first-time home buyers, looking to upsize, downsize, or you’re looking for a team of experienced local buyers’ agents to manage and advise on your property investment strategy, Aus Property Professionals can help. From Brighton, to Werribee, Epping, and everywhere in between, our experienced Melbourne buyers advocates will guide you through the process buying process to secure the most suitable property at the best price. 

What can a Melbourne buyer’s agent do for me?

A buyer’s agent, or buyer advocate, is a property buying professional who specialises in searching, sourcing, evaluating, and securing properties for would-be buyers. Just like a real estate agent works for the vendor (seller) of a property, a buyer’s agent can help buyers (purchasers) to secure the intricacies of the buying process and open the doors to new, off-market property buying opportunities through network connections.

Our team of local buyers Agents in Melbourne will work with you to understand your property aspirations, your budget, and your desired property type and location to find suitable properties. Whether you’re looking for capital growth, liveability, or rental yield, we can work to your specific property investment. From there, our advocates can inspect, negotiate, and interpret the terms of the deal to help you to secure the best outcome.

How much does a buyers advocate in Melbourne cost?

Just like a real estate agent, different buyers’ advocates will charge different fees for their service. Depending on the property type and service, buyers agent Melbourne fees can range from 1.5%-3% with the average falling somewhere in the middle. At Aus Property Professionals, we are not the cheapest buyer’s agent Melbourne has to offer – nor do we pretend to be.

We offer a value-backed service that leverages two-decades of property buying experience and close industry relationships to secure better deals for our clients – even if our fees aren’t the lowest. Our experience means that you’ll get access to better property buying opportunities, increased negotiation power, and investment advice that very few buyers agents in Melbourne can match.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our buyers’ agents service the entirety of Melbourne as well as other areas across Australia. If you’re looking to buy in Melbourne, chances are we already have a list of properties and off-market opportunities that match your property criteria. Get in touch with our local Melbourne buyers advocates today to arrange a consultation and see how we can help you secure your next purchase.

In our not-so impartial opinion, the right buyer’s agent can well and truly prove their value – particularly in Melbourne’s hotly contest property market. Because of our experience and close industry ties, we can present new investment opportunities, help you to understand the best property types and areas to buy in, as well as take care of the negotiation for you.

Yes, our team of buyers advocates in Melbourne can inspect the property, review the contract and dissect all of the important details on your behalf. Armed with the right information and a team that understands what you are looking for, you can then make the best decision when it comes to choosing the right property.

Both. Whether you’re looking to expand your property portfolio in Melbourne (or in other states of Australia) or you’re buying your first home, our experienced team of buyer’s agents can help you to make the right decision. You can be as hands on or as hands off as you like throughout the process as our buyers’ advocates get to work securing you the best deal and showing you the most suitable properties for your budget and goals.

If you are purchasing a home to live in, then buyers agents fees in Melbourne will not be tax deductible. If you are purchasing an investment property, although not immediately tax deductible against income tax, the fee paid to the buyers agents may form part of the cost base for capital gains purposes in future which means that you may receive a discount on your capital gains tax.