About Us | What is a Buyers Agent?

When you’re looking to buy real estate, you quickly discover that it isn’t a level playing field.

Property sellers usually engage a real estate agent, whose sole aim is to get the highest price for their clients. These professionals know how to extract every last dollar from your pocket, especially if you have little or no experience buying real estate.


Level the real estate playing field by engaging Aus Property Professionals as your buyer’s agent. Our Director Lloyd Edge is a very successful Property Investor and Developer and he and his team will be with you the whole way. Previously Lloyd was a teacher who achieved financial independence through property, allowing him to retire from the rat race. He now shows clients how they can have lifestyle choices and live life on their own terms.


Lloyd devises a strategy that will help clients achieve their dreams, whether that be for home ownership or investment purposes. He and his team then acquires the appropriate properties for these clients based on the strategy, buying criteria and financial briefs.

Lloyd’s property investment motto is “You make your money when you buy, not when you sell!”. He has helped numerous clients make a large amount of equity in a short amount of time by buying well located property, under market value as well as building and developing to create immediate equity.

Lloyd and his team will tailor a property acquisition plan to match your particular financial and lifestyle goals. In fact this property acquisition plan forms part of the initial free, no obligation strategy session.

Read more about what a free, no obligation strategy session involves here.


Following the initial strategy session, our process includes conducting thorough research on each property including analysis of the neighbourhood, proximity to local transport, shops, education, employment opportunities, rental returns, vacancy rates and comparisons to similar properties in the area. We also look for ways to add value to each property. We even project manage the construction of duplexes. Find out more here.


Aus Property Professionals also has an enviable record at auctions. We know the true price guides of Sydney real estate, not what real estate agents would have you believe. If you keep missing out at auctions, whether it is for a home or an investment, talk to us and we will show you how we will give you the advantage over other buyers on auction day.

Whether you’re in the investment property market or searching for a place to call ‘home’, Lloyd and his team at Aus Property Professionals has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals.

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