One thing that Glen and Brooke hadn’t thought possible was a brand-new home, so when Michael presented them with a stunning new build with 4 bedrooms, not 2 but 3 bathrooms and a remote LUG, they tried not to get their hopes up.

Through one of Michael’s many agent contacts, he was able to get access to the property pre-market and with Glen and Brooke prepped and ready to pounce, they made an offer that day. Michael negotiated the sale for $1.6M the day before the property was due to go live to the public. Glen and Brooke were now the proud owners of their brand-new family home.

See our clients amazing feedback on this purchase below:

“We are dead sure that without Michael’s work we would have had many more weeks, perhaps months of frustration and the distinct possibility we would end up in a worse property or have to pay significantly more; likely both!”

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