Sydney Property Market Trends from December 2023 to March 2024

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sydney property report 2024

The Sydney property market, a perennial focus for investors and homeowners alike, has seen significant movement from December 2023 to March 2024. Amidst shifting interest rates, inflation concerns, and evolving buyer preferences, understanding these trends is crucial for anyone looking to buy, sell, or invest in Sydney real estate.

sydney property report 2024

Top Suburbs to Invest in Sydney:

Navigating the Sydney property market requires a keen eye for emerging opportunities. As of March 2024, several suburbs stand out as promising investment prospects:

1. Paddington: Known for its charming Victorian terraces and proximity to the CBD, Paddington continues to attract both investors and owner-occupiers seeking a blend of lifestyle and convenience.

2. Zetland: With ongoing redevelopment and improved infrastructure, Zetland has emerged as a hotspot for apartment living, particularly appealing to young professionals and first-home buyers.

3. Parramatta: As Sydney’s second CBD, Parramatta offers a dynamic property market with diverse housing options and strong rental yields. Infrastructure projects like the Parramatta Light Rail further enhance its appeal.

4. Manly: Renowned for its beachside lifestyle and vibrant dining scene, Manly remains a sought-after destination for investors looking to capitalize on the enduring allure of coastal living.

5. Chatswood: Boasting excellent amenities, transport links, and a thriving commercial hub, Chatswood appeals to investors seeking long-term growth potential in Sydney’s northern suburbs.

Sydney property report 23 -24

Most Expensive Sydney Suburb 2024:

In March 2024, One of Australia’s most expensive properties has been listed for sale. Rockleigh, a tightly held Point Piper estate hopes to obtain an eyewatering sales price of $100 million. If Rockleigh sells for this high price, it will be the most expensive property sold in the past 2 years, topping the 2023 sale of Boomerang for $80million in Elizabeth Bay. What makes Rockleigh so expensive? It is located in one of Sydney’s most exclusive enclaves, this architectural masterpiece boasts panoramic views of the harbor and luxurious amenities befitting its elite clientele.

Where is the cheapest to buy in Sydney in 2024:

On the other end of the spectrum, townhouses in Mount Druitt can sell for under $500 000, while often requiring renovation and located in a less affluent suburb, this suburb can be an affordable opportunity for first-home buyers and investors looking to enter the market.

Sydney property report 23 -24

Interest Rates and Inflation:

Interest rates have remained relatively stable, with the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) maintaining its accommodative monetary policy stance to support economic recovery. While there were murmurs of potential hikes due to inflationary pressures, the RBA has held its ground, citing the need for sustained growth and employment.

Inflation, however, has been a point of contention. Rising energy costs, supply chain disruptions, and pent-up consumer demand have contributed to upward price pressures. Despite this, the RBA has emphasized its commitment to managing inflation within its target range, closely monitoring economic indicators for any signs of overheating.

Auction Clearance rates:

In February 2024, Sydney’s auction clearance rates demonstrated resilience and stability, maintaining a robust performance despite broader economic uncertainties. With a clearance rate of around 75%, the market showcased a consistent level of buyer confidence and demand, underpinned by low interest rates and pent-up housing demand. This figure represents a slight increase from the same period in 2023, where the clearance rate hovered around 72%. The marginal uptick suggests enduring strength in the Sydney property market, buoyed by factors such as limited housing supply and continued buyer enthusiasm.