How to prepare your home for Christmas.

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The Entrance:

Introduce your guests to the festive season by donning a Christmas wreath over the front door, adding a festive entrance mat, and displaying your Christmas tree in full view in the front window.

Christmas themed garden signs are popular to line your entranceway and can be picked up for low cost at major retailers like Kmart, Target, or Bunnings.


The Christmas Tree:

Go Simple.

You don’t need to go all out for your festive display for your home to look amazing.

Try the pared down look of a bare tree (Christmas tree without any decorations) or a twig tree (Christmas tree without any foliage).

A great DIY idea is to use a real branch, decorated with a few simple baubles.


Bring on the Sparkle.

If you want to GO BIG this Christmas, then lots of sparkle is definitely in!

Decorate your tree with plenty of Gold and Silver, add fairy lights, and an oversized glitter star at the top.


Spread the Love:

In the age of email, we rarely receive hand written mail anymore. Spread the love by posting some handwritten, personal Christmas Cards.

When you receive Christmas Cards from your friends, family, and neighbours, show your appreciation by hanging these on display along some string above a window, over a mantelpiece, or on display on a hallway table.


The Christmas Table:

The most stunning Christmas tables are decorated with objects of varying heights.

Start by hanging oversized snowflakes and building up the table with candlesticks.

Work your way up with a common theme or colour from the table cloth, table runner, place mats and serviettes up to varying height candles and ornaments.

For a more modern Christmas, ditch the traditional red and green palette and instead opt for non-traditional colours with added sparkle and bling.


The Exit:

When your guests leave, it is nice to stick to tradition and give them a candy cane, or a small handmade gift to show your appreciation. If you have children, a hand drawn thankyou card or picture is always a beautiful touch.


Have a Merry Christmas.