Renovation Strategy

Whether you are searching for a renovation project in Brisbane, Sydney, or even a rural town our aim is for you to get maximum financial return from your renovation project.

WHY Renovate?

At Aus Property Professionals, we always focus on WHY we are doing it and ask whether what we are doing is going to be beneficial. Renovating a property is an excellent way to manufacture your own equity without relying solely on the capital growth of the market.

Renovating isn’t as straight forward as the reality TV shows portray. It can be stressful, emotional, time consuming, and very costly. If not done right, it can be a very risky investment if the wrong property is purchased or the extent of the renovation will be too costly. Novice and emotional investors can get stuck and even lose time and money if they don’t manage the project properly which could result in the property being over capitalised.

On the other hand, if done correctly, renovating can reap exceptional returns. In order to gain from renovating, you must know exactly how much can be spent on a property to be able to re-sell, increase rental return, or re-value.

Experienced investors are able to renovate as a strategy in order to manufacture equity, without waiting for the market capital growth, and then they can refinance and purchase their next investment property. This can build a property portfolio quite quickly.

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How to AVOID over capitalising?

Do not be emotional and ensure your tradies and builders are kept to the schedule – this will minimise your holding costs (this is the time that your property is not making you money/vacant). By employing an expert, you are able to leverage off their industry contacts for best competitive rates, utilise their investment knowledge, and have someone to guide you throughout the whole process.

What WE DO:

  • We will locate and find the best renovation property that will suit your budget.
  • We provide recommendations on how to renovate to suit the location and target market.
  • We minimise your risk of over capitalising on the initial purchase price.

Our Process

1. Strategy

We will meet with you for a complimentary Strategy Session. Here, we will discuss your needs, current situation, and your desired outcomes. During this step, we will perform your cost benefit analysis and set up your budget.

2. Research

Based on your budget and goals, we will commence our research to identify suitable locations and property types, that will result in the best outcome from a renovation. We will do all the due diligence to ensure that we have identified the best possible options for you. This will include looking at recently sold comparable properties, understanding the demographics of the area, investigating the capital growth potential for long-term growth, analysing the instant equity creation potential, as well as the rent return before and after renovations.

3. Property Search

We will then commence the search to locate and shortlist investment grade properties in the best areas for your strategy and renovation project, that will provide you with the best results.

We are not able to manage the entire renovation process, as that is best left to professionals in the field such as a project manager. We can however locate you excellent properties which are suitable for renovations so you can add value to your property portfolio.

4. Complimentary Services

We can put you in touch with reputable industry experts following the purchase of your property such as insurance brokers to ensure your property is covered, as well as property managers to find you quality tenants quickly, following the completion of your renovation.

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