Video Blogs

We hope you enjoy our videos below with discussions on strategy, how to find and choose the right property and general buyers agent advice.

Lloyd Edge talks about how our client achieved over $300,000 profit from small a duplex development.

What is an ‘investment grade’ property? Watch this video to find out.

We are Australia’s Leading Equity Growth Strategists for a reason.

Why buying an investment property in a predominantly owner occupied area is ideal.

Small duplex developments can be a game changer in any investors portfolio for instant equity or profits.

Recently Lloyd held a webinar where he discussed investment strategies and how he has achieved financial freedom.

Capital Growth vs Rental Yield – Which is better and which should you aim for?

The importance of strategy!

Not all buyers’ agents are the same and in this video, Lloyd explains what sets us apart from the rest and how we can help you achieve your long term goals through strategic property investing.