Pre-Market Opportunity Secured In A HOT Market.

Glen and Brooke, a busy couple with a young family, were looking to buy a home in Sydney’s southern suburbs. They had a budget of $1.6M but kept missing out on properties advertised with price guides of $1.3M – $1.5M. Frustrated, they reached out to the APP team. They found the perfect partnership with Senior Buyer’s Agent, Michael Cohen.

The Brief

Glen and Brooke* have been living in Sydney’s southern suburbs with their young family for a number of years but had outgrown their current home. Their children were attending a local school and as such, it was vital for them to stay in the area.

They also needed to be close to public transport and shops but didn’t want to be on a main road. Their budget was $1.6M and their new home needed to be a minimum 4-bedrooms, 2-bathrooms & 2-car spaces.


The Challenges

The properties Glen and Brooke were looking at guided for below their maximum budget, but with huge buyer demand, the prices were being pushed well above what these properties were advertised for. This can happen in a fast moving, sellers’ market, where the guide prices aren’t keeping up to the market demand.

Glen and Brooke had spent months scouring the internet for potential properties, and all of their spare time at open homes. They were missing time that should have been spent with their family and they wanted their Saturdays back!

For our Buyers’ Agents like Michael Cohen, real-estate is like a second language. Michael understands the market and at the time that Glen and Brooke were looking to buy, the market was moving incredibly fast.

We found a number of suitable properties, one particular property that Glen and Brooke fell in love with. This was a 4 bed, 2 bath, 2 car that as guiding at $1.4 M. It was semi renovated and well-presented but an older build. Having a budget 200k above the guide price, this would seem an achievable property to obtain but that property sold for $1.78M a whopping 380k more than the guide price!

This was the market we were working with.


The Result!

One thing that Glen and Brooke hadn’t thought possible was a brand-new home, so when Michael presented them with a stunning new build with 4 bedrooms, not 2 but 3 bathrooms and a remote LUG, they tried not to get their hopes up.

Through one of Michael’s many agent contacts, he was able to get access to the property pre-market and with Glen and Brooke prepped and ready to pounce, they made an offer that day. Michael negotiated the sale for $1.6M the day before the property was due to go live to the public. Glen and Brooke were now the proud owners of their brand-new family home.

See our clients amazing feedback on this purchase below:

“We are dead sure that without Michael’s work we would have had many more weeks, perhaps months of frustration and the distinct possibility we would end up in a worse property or have to pay significantly more; likely both!”

* Their real names have not been used due to privacy.
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