The Highest Offer Doesn’t Always Win.

Amy and Greg lived interstate and wanted to relocate to the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney.

They had a healthy budget of $4M but being thousands of KM’s away, this made it difficult for them to attend open homes, meet with agents, and be engaged with what was happening in the local market. Both Amy and Greg work full-time so they had a lack of time to find the property themselves and the task of searching, due diligence, and negotiation seemed daunting which is why they decided to engage the services of Aus Property Professionals to help them find their dream home.

 The Challenges

The biggest challenge for Amy and Greg was distance.

They needed a professional they trusted to inspect properties on their behalf and who also took the time to understand their specific needs and what they were really wanting in a family home.

To find their home, we gained an understanding of what was really important to Amy and Greg not just now, but what their future in the home would look like.  We also ascertained what were necessary attributes and what we were able to compromise on to ensure we could get them a really good home in the suburb they wanted.

We personally inspected over 20 properties in the key suburb, and presented Amy and Greg with a shortlist of properties that met their specific criteria.

Because of the distance, we were able to show Amy and Greg the shortlisted homes through our “virtual property inspection” service, where our agent virtually took them through the property and they were able to ask any questions whilst “live viewing” the properties with our agent.

The Result!

Due to our relationship with the local agents, we were able to present to Amy and Greg a beautiful property in their favourite suburb which was off-market. This meant that Amy and Greg had an advantage over other buyers in the market because they had access to off-market properties and first look at new listings which is one of the advantages of employing a professional buyer’s agent to work for you.

With the Sydney market moving fast, the owners of the property ended up deciding to list the property before our clients gave us the go-ahead to put an offer forward. But when they soon were ready, we discovered the situation had changed and there were now 8 other offers on the table.

To give Amy and Greg a competitive advantage, we ensured they had finance approval as well as offering a higher deposit on the property to show how committed we were to buying the property. We also negotiated on a shorter settlement period which was advantageous to the sellers.

Although Amy and Greg did not put forward the highest offer, the seller preferred the terms of our purchase over the other buyer’s which meant we successfully secured Amy and Greg’s dream home at an excellent price of $3.65M and under the right terms.

* Their real names have not been used due to privacy.

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