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Being Australia’s second largest, non-coastal city, Toowoomba should not be overlooked for value and opportunities when seeking an investment property.

Toowoomba has a population of over 160,000 and a rental vacancy rate of just 1.41%. The signs for growth can be seen with the new, international scale airport that opened in 2014, which Qantas now flies between Sydney and Toowoomba several times weekly.

Originally known for its rich farming and grazing land, Toowoomba has now established itself as a regional centre for business and government services.

Toowoomba boasts an excellent university, an Australian Defence Force base at Oakey Army Aviation Centre and Borneo Barracks, the headquarters for Heritage Bank, as well as a heritage listed hospital.

During our time working as Buyers’ Agents in Toowoomba, we have learnt the demographics of this city, which is important for any investment.
Toowoomba is a city where some streets are considered “better” than others for example, living in East Toowoomba is considered premium because it is close to amenities, close to the hospital, the properties are premium built, and streets are family orientated.

Funding has been pumped into Toowoomba to assist with transport links, a new international-scale airport officially opened in November 2014. This significant piece of transport infrastructure has the potential to open up the region’s economy. Qantas has already committed to a dozen flights per week to and from Sydney.

Being positioned along a national inland freight corridor and the proposed Melbourne-Brisbane inland port as well as the construction of the Wellcamp business park with a total of $500 million is to be invested in the expansion of retail facilities, provides indicators that the expansion of Toowoomba is not slowing.

Many of the properties we have purchased in Toowoomba, actually never hit the public market!

Aus Property Professionals often get priority access to properties in the Toowoomba market and can “snap up” properties at their first preview. We often get exclusive first view of deceased estates and private sales that you would never get the opportunity to know about.

As your personal Buyers’ Agents, we do not only assist you purchasing a dream home or an investment property in Toowoomba, but we also educate and mentor you through the process of growing an investment portfolio which is tailored to your specific lifestyle goals in the long term.

Since we only advise investing in properties that will compliment your portfolio, many of our clients have grown their portfolio and have been able to purchase multiple properties.

If you are purchasing a home in Toowoomba, it can be a daunting process to deal with Real Estate Agents who use terminology and sales talk to convince you to purchase their property listing. We know all the tricks of the trade! We can explain all the Real Estate “lingo” in your terms and ensure you aren’t paying too much over an emotional purchase. We are with you for the entire process from property search right through to settlement.

Why use a BuyersAgent to purchase property in Toowoomba?

Employing a Buyers’ Agent in Toowoomba can mitigate the risk of purchasing the wrong investment property or paying too much for a property by separating the emotions from the purchase- and we don’t get fooled by smooth talking sales agents.

We are highly experienced in the Toowoomba market and emotionally independent from the purchase. We recommend properties based on market research, feasibility analysis, economic growth drivers, future development and planning, and historical trends.

Our judgement is not biased which can save you time AND money as you will gain access to our research, and our invaluable market knowledge.

We assist you in all aspects of the buying process from the investment strategy, property search, market research, feasibility analysis, negotiation/bidding, through to the settlement process which saves you time and ensures a stress free and seamless purchase.

We work on your behalf to ensure your property is purchased in the right place and for the right price.

Our flat fees cover: 

  • Setting an initial strategy session
  • All meetings and communications with you, your broker, your accountant, and your solicitor.
  • Access to our network of finance brokers, property managers, property insurance, solicitors.
  • Property search, research, feasibility analysis, liaising with Real Estate Agents.
  • Evaluating properties to ensure they suit your criteria.
  • Preparation of property reports to help you evaluate the properties they recommend to you.
  • Due Diligence – including strata, arranging the building and pest inspections, etc.
  • Checking final contracts.

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What to spot when investing in Toowoomba.

When investing in Toowoomba, investors need to keep their eye on the long-term capital growth prospects that they will benefit from. These include the improvements to infrastructure, the multi-billion dollar Second Range Crossing, and the proposed in-land rail between Toowoomba and Brisbane.

In the long term, Toowoomba is pipped to become one of Australia’s largest logistical centres. For job’s growth, work on the $35 million Toowoomba integrated milk project is underway which will see direct links to the Asian baby formula market which will assist the growth of the city.
The low vacancy rates (1.41%), and average rental yields hovering around the 5% mean you can buy a neutrally geared property today with the long term prospects of capital growth.

We do recommend investing in Toowoomba with a warning- not all properties are investment grade.

Without the local knowledge, and demographics research, you may be fooled into buying a bargain property, which is at the wrong end of town. Employing an experienced Buyers’ Agent, who understands the Toowoomba market intricately can mitigate this risk.

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