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Aus Property Professionals is the leading buyer's advocate firm, helping clients to find their next high-value investment property in Australia’s capital city.

Invest in Canberra’s Property Market with Aus Property Professionals

Ranked among the best cities to live in by the OECD, Canberra's popularity is growing at a rapid rate. Once only favoured by public servants, today Canberra is popular among young families, students, international immigrants, and those looking for a quieter city experience than Melbourne or Sydney. In 2024, almost one third of inhabitants are international immigrants.

Despite having less than half a million residents, Canberra is a unique market that retains property price competitiveness with the rest of the Australian major cities.

This is in part due to low-interest rates and a small population boom from interstate migration during COVID. It would seem that many individuals were looking for a safe haven amidst the pandemic in 2020-21. 

With steady year-on-year growth, consistently low vacancy rates, and a burgeoning demand for quality housing, it’s no surprise that you’re looking into buying in Canberra. If you want a slice of the pie but don’t know where to begin, it’s time to work with an experienced buyer’s agent.

How Can a Canberra Buyer’s Agent Help Me?

To discover the real estate gems tucked away in Canberra, you’ll need the expertise of a buyer’s agent who not only knows the local market but has a proven track record of delivering successful value in property investments. 

That’s us. As a buyer’s agent for Canberra properties, Aus Property Professionals can secure high-value investment properties on your behalf. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you — from conducting extensive market-wide searches, to closing the deal at an auction.

Our Canberra buyers advocates will scour the market based on your preferences and budget to help you find potential properties that will fit well into your overall investment portfolio strategy. We’ll also help you with price negotiations, inspections, and all the contractual requirements necessary for the property transfer. 

Our goal is to help you build a robust investment property portfolio that grows with you so that you can enjoy your wealth when you want to. Contact our team today to book a consultation with our team and find out more about our Canberra buyers agent services.

Canberra Property Market – A Snapshot

Population: 454,499 (ABS, 2021)

Median Weekly Household Income: $2,373 (ABS, 2021)

Median Monthly Mortgage Repayments: $2,080 (ABS, 2021)

Number of Private Dwellings: 186,963 (ABS, 2021)

Median House Price: $950,000 (AllHomes, 2023)

Median Unit Price: $564,900 (AllHomes, 2023)

Annual House Sales by Transfers: 4,383 (AllHomes, 2023)

Annual Unit Sales by Transfers: 6,331 (AllHomes, 2023)

Property Types: Separate houses, Semi-detached or terrace houses, Townhouses, Apartment buildings, Granny flats.


Frequently Asked Questions

No – our office is in Sydney. But we do regularly help existing and new clients invest in properties in Canberra. Given the growth of the ACT market and our expertise in building lucrative investment property portfolios for clients, Canberra is one area that we’re regularly visiting, inspecting properties within, and browsing the market.

Good question. How long is a piece of string? No but in all honesty, getting a cost estimate out of a buyer’s agent can be tough – we get it. At Aus Property Professionals, we’re not the cheapest buyers agent in Canberra; but we do aim to be as transparent as possible when it comes to costs. The reality is, it will come down to the level of service you need.

The costs of a buyer’s agent will vary from agent to agent, but will generally range from 1.5% - 3% of the property value.

Absolutely – that’s all part of the fun! Our Canberra buyer’s advocates can inspect properties, review contracts, and dissect all of the important details and numbers on your behalf.

Yes. Our experience spans both prospectors – we can help you find the right ACT property investment, and we can help you find your forever home in Canberra.