2015-05-23 11.47 APP Strategy session [APP 5432 1000x600].jpgThis is where it all begins – and it won’t cost you a cent!

We visit your home or office, or call you by phone or Skype, to create a clear strategy to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals.

You might want to buy a dream home, have a comfortable retirement income, pay for your children’s education, retire early, take a round-the-world cruise, or build a property portfolio to secure your family’s long-term future.

The first step is to get the fundamentals right for your first property purchase. If you want to continue buying properties, the first one can finance the deposit for the next one, and so on. 

It’s an efficient and stress-free way to invest, and as your portfolio grows the increasing leverage reduces the effect of each new property on the total.

Before you know it, you’re well on the way to achieving what seemed to be unreachable goals!

During your strategy session you will learn a range of property acquisition strategies, including:

  • buying and holding for capital growth and/or cash flow;
  • buying below market value;
  • property development;
  • sub-division;
  • strata titling;
  • renovating; and
  • buying off-the-plan.

If you already invest in property, Aus Property Professionals will assess your current portfolio and incorporate your existing holdings into your new strategy. Lloyd Edge and his team believe in diversification so we will also explain the benefits of buying in different states. 

For experienced investors, Aus Property Professionals will advise you on sophisticated strategies to manufacture ‘instant equity’ without waiting for the market to increase. Remember this initial strategy session is absolutely free with no obligation.

It’s all part of the Aus Property Professionals motto: “You make your money when you buy, not just when you sell”. 

Lloyd Edge holds real estate licences in NSW and Queensland and has a thorough knowledge of the Sydney and Brisbane property markets as well as key regional areas in both states.


Book a free Aus Property Professionals one-on-one strategy meeting in your home or office, or by phone or Skype. Call 1800 1 INVEST (1800 146 837) or send us an email today!

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