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Director and Founder 

Aus Property Professionals director Lloyd Edge is a passionate buyer's agent who works on behalf of buyers, not sellers. He holds a Diploma of Property Services, has real estate licences in NSW and Queensland and is a member of Property Investment Professionals Australia (PIPA).

Lloyd has a thorough knowledge of the Sydney and Brisbane property markets as well as key regional areas including Newcastle, Wollongong and the Central & South Coasts.

In 15 years as a property investor and developer, Lloyd has accumulated a $7 million (and growing!) portfolio that turned a profit of more than $500,000 in just the past two years. He has personally invested in Sydney, Brisbane, Ipswich, Newcastle, Toowoomba and Armidale amongst other areas and won't recommend a property to a client unless he would buy it himself.

Lloyd has developed a diverse property portfolio of blue chip, middle and outer ring, and dual income properties (duplexes) that pays for itself. 

Lloyd and his wife Renee have been featured in property investment magazines including Australian Property Investor and Your Investment Property, as well as the property section of The Daily Telegraph and on top rating radio stations.

His investment strategies have attracted the attention of real estate commentators such as Kevin Turner of Real Estate Talk, and Ryan McLean of onproperty.com.au.

You can listen to one of Lloyd’s media interviews on top-rating Sydney radio station 2GB.

Lloyd’s property investment motto is "You make your money when you buy, not when you sell!”.

He uses a range of strategies targeted to specific situations, including:

  • Buy and hold for capital growth
  • Buy for cash flow
  • Buy below intrinsic value
  • Granny flats
  • Sub-divide/strata title (eg. duplex development)
  • Renovation

The process used by Lloyd and his team involves conducting thorough research on each property including building and pest inspections, analysis of the neighbourhood, proximity to local transport, shops, education, employment opportunities, rental returns, vacancy rates and comparisons to similar properties in the area.

 Lloyd also specialises in duplexes. Find out more here.

 Working as a buyers agent and property developer, Lloyd loves to help other people replicate his success.

“Property became my passion when I realised that it can be a vehicle to financial independence,” he says.

“Achieving equity gains while maintaining cash flow is essential to portfolio growth and ultimate financial independence.

“I use strategies that are designed to create equity regardless of how the property market is performing. It is important that each property you buy sets you up so you can buy another property almost immediately".

“More than anything, I love to use my knowledge and proven strategies to help others to achieve their financial and lifestyle goals.”

Lloyd has a teaching background. His educational skills and excellent communication techniques prove invaluable to clients. He has worked in a number of areas of education across Sydney and now uses his experience to educate people about property and how it can set them on the path to financial freedom. 

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Welcome to Aus Property Professionals. Directed by renowned property investor and developer Lloyd Edge, we will create a clear property acquisition strategy to enable you to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals. 


Now you can level the real estate playing field by engaging Aus Property Professionals as your buyer’s agents and property investment strategists. We are a 'full service' property buyer's advocate. This includes tailoring a specific strategy for you and then we search and evaluate properties that meet your specific criteria. Then we negotiate the purchase of your selected property.


Our process involves conducting thorough research on each property including building and pest inspections, analysis of the neighbourhood, proximity to local transport, shops, cafes & restaurants, education, employment opportunities, rental returns, vacancy rates, and comparisons to similar properties in the area. We also look for ways to add value to each property through a renovation, adding a granny flat or perhaps a subdivision. We also project manage the construction of duplexes. Find out more here.


Aus Property Professionals buyer's agents source the most appropriate properties in locations with the best capital growth prospects as well as being in areas that suit the financial and lifestyle goals for each individual client. We source properties in Sydney, Brisbane & South East Queensland, Newcastle and the NSW Central & South Coasts to name just a few regions. We recommend properties that complement others in your portfolio to provide a balance of capital growth and cash flow for more property purchases. 


Successful property investors are not born knowing how to do it naturally. It takes time, perseverance and most importantly guidance from experienced property investors who have had success themselves. Just like other careers, there are rules to learning how to create wealth through property.

At Aus Property Professionals we don't concern ourselves with any of the hype about hotspots or the doomsday theorists. We know how the property cycles work and how best to mitigate risk. It's all about strategy. 


If an immediate equity gain of around $100,000 sounds appealing, then building a duplex can do exactly that!

That kind of equity gain can help you to buy another property almost immediately, accelerating your investment property portfolio growth. And the dual incomes from renting a duplex can bring the next item on your wish list that much closer!

Not surprisingly, building a duplex is an attractive option for many property investors. But it has to be done properly to maximise your return. Aus Property Professionals are duplex specialists with extensive experience in completing successful projects. We can save you the time and headaches of doing it yourself.

We source duplex sites and put together outstanding packages in many areas including, but not limited to, Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Brisbane, Toowoomba, Gold Coast and Moreton Bay. We get excellent land prices direct from developers, by passing 'middle men'. Our project management includes all council costs and full turn key right through to strata titling so you can get that equity out and 'go again'.

If you already own the land and you want us to build a duplex on it - we can do that too!


Aus Property Professionals is also able to source our clients luxury apartments for sale, off-the-plan and newly completed, in many areas of Sydney and Brisbane, through our large network of contacts within the industry. In Sydney these areas include, but are not limited to Ryde, Epping, Parramatta, Mascot, Roselands, Lewisham, Zetland, Sydney Olympic Park, Breakfast Point, Hornsby, Homebush, Granville, Westmead, Penrith and Jordan Springs. In Brisbane suburbs include Morningside, Hawthorne, Nundah, Chermside, Mango Hill, Morayfield, Collingwood Park, Redbank Plains, Brassall, Riverview, Flinders View, and Bundamba.


Whether you are a first time investor, looking for your first home or perhaps your dream home, a seasoned investor, want to renovate or build a duplex, come and experience a new way, the Aus Property Professionals way. Our passion for property and investing drives our commitment as we strive to provide a measurable difference to our clients.

From Brisbane to Sydney, Newcastle, and the NSW Central & South Coasts, Aus Property Professionals licensed & experienced buyer's agents will find you a property that suits your strategy. 

Do you want more info on what a buyer's agent can do for you? Find out here. Learn more about Aus Property Professionals here and our services. Perhaps you want to build a duplex

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