Due diligence [bigstock.com 90159728 500x420].jpgBuilding faults, pest infestations and problematic sales contracts are things you don’t want to discover after you’ve signed on the dotted line. But they’re rarely obvious to the untrained eye during a five or 10-minute inspection.

So when you’re satisfied that a property is worth buying, Aus Property Professionals brings in the heavy artillery!

We arrange inspections by qualified building and pest inspectors, and a legal review of the sale contract. (You’d be amazed at the elementary errors and omissions in some contracts!)

And we check the land survey, zoning, sewer plan, strata report (if applicable), any easements or covenants on the property, and the fittings and chattels inclusions.

But our research doesn’t stop there. We also look into:

  • the property’s sales history;
  • how much buyer interest it has attracted;
  • the vendor’s reason for selling;
  • the market’s position in the property cycle;
  • the local property market’s economic drivers;
  • planned development and land releases in the area; and
  • likely future housing demand.

Like military ‘intelligence’, this information can make a big difference to the final negotiated price and settlement terms. With many years’ experience buying all kinds of properties, we know how to find it!

Lloyd Edge holds real estate licences in NSW and Queensland and has a thorough knowledge of the Sydney and Brisbane property markets as well as key regional areas in both states. Although Lloyd's a fully qualified real estate agent he only works on behalf of you, the buyer.

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