Many Australians invest in property, and for good reasons:

  • Wealth-building
  • Financial freedom
  • Supplementary income
  • Negative while building equity
  • Children’s education
  • Big ticket expenses (eg. travel)
  • Retirement income

But instead of being content with one or two investment properties, you can build a multi-property portfolio while keeping within your financial limits.

You can create ‘instant equity’ – if you know how. This enables you to build your portfolio regardless of what the market does.

You don't have to wait for capital growth. That's old school.

Aus Property Professionals specialise in showing clients how to 'manufacture' their own capital growth.

We’ll show you how to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals, using proven property investment techniques. We also encourage diversification across different markets.

Rather than have all your eggs in one basket we recommend you invest in a range of markets which have a good history of capital growth.

You can buy property in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne where you will get some good growth over the long term.

But to balance that out there are strong regional centres such as Newcastle, parts of the Central Coast, Wollongong, and various areas in South east Queensland.

This way you can get higher rental fields to inject cash flow into your portfolio and keep it moving forward while still getting capital growth. After all it's the capital growth that will make you truly wealthy in the long run.

It's all about strategy. You might start by buying an apartment in Sydney or Brisbane, then build a duplex in a regional centre such as Newcastle or Armidale and use the instant equity to purchase a suburban house. That could be three properties added to your portfolio in six months, when many people might struggle to purchase one each year.

Our full service covers everything, from setting a strategy, to searching for suitable investment properties, negotiating the lowest price and then completing the purchase. We also liase with; 

  • your solicitor/conveyancer;
  • your finance provider;
  • the vendor’s real estate agent;
  • the local council;
  • the property valuer; and
  • the pest and building inspectors.

We’ll tailor a strategy to match your particular requirements. And we’ll guide you every step along the way, so that you can use the same techniques for future investing.

Aus Property Professionals director Lloyd Edge holds real estate licences in NSW and Queensland, and has a thorough knowledge of the property markets in Sydney and Brisbane as well as key regional areas in both states. Although Lloyd is a fully qualified real estate agent, he only works on behalf of the buyer. you.

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