A popular form of property investment is building a duplex – two strata titled or torrens titled homes on a property sharing a common wall – on vacant land or land occupied by an older single dwelling.

Councils are increasingly encouraging duplexes to accommodate Australia’s rising population.

Building a duplex disproves the mathematical equation 1/2 + 1/2 = 1, because the two units have a combined rental return and equity greater than an equivalent single dwelling on the same property!


  • ‘Instant equity increase’ on completion – This involves strata titling as two units are worth more combined than an equivalent single house on the same property (one title).
  • Manufacture your own capital growth regardless of market movements.
  • Better rental return (often over 7 percent) – More than an equivalent single dwelling on the same property.
  • Choice of strategies – Keep both units and use the equity for further investments; sell both and take the profit; or keep one and sell the other to provide cash for other uses.
  • Set price and completion date – These can be specified in the construction contract.
  • 50 percent reduction in Capital Gains Tax after 12 months – Take advantage of rapid market growth.

Aus Property Professionals will source the best locations to build your duplex. We have a thorough understanding of the NSW and Queensland property markets - not just Sydney and Brisbane, but also the major regional centres. We find great locations in Newcastle, on the NSW Central Coast & Hunter Valley, as well as Ipswich, Toowoomba, Moreton Bay and the NSW South Coast.

Aus Property Professionals works with reputable builders and has an envious reputation for being able to put together building contracts which are full turn key, all inclusive including landscaping, driveways, council DA costs, and strata titling while being able to keep the costs well below market value for our clients.

Building a duplex is a great way to put yourself in a position to buy more property, but as with any property investment there are traps for the unwary.

Aus Property Professionals director Lloyd Edge holds NSW and Queensland real estate licences, but he works on behalf of property buyers, not sellers.

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